The Mind With Me podcast was created with the fundamental belief that boxes were made to be broken. Originally created as a social media empowerment series, Maria founded Mind With Me in the midst of lockdown in May 2020, where she created weekly episodes about social and cultural matters that impacted her viewers with a commitment to supporting the mental health, emotional wellbeing and empowerment of people impacted globally by the challenging social context of the time.

The series has now evolved into a podcast, with Maria hosting weekly episodes featuring advice, expert insights, real stories and powerful perspectives that teach listeners to master the mind and harness its power. From career and heartbreak to religious beliefs and racism, you can expect funny, raw, vulnerable and reflective episodes by Maria and her guests that challenge the mould, help you connect to deeper meaning and inspire you to live life as intentionally, authentically and empowered as you can. Designed to inspire you, the sessions are built on an appreciation for differences, unlearning to evolve and embracing the fact that we are united in the universal experience of being human. Everything is up for discussion, and these are the conversations to drive that pursuit of progress - because "words heal and mindset matters.”