When the dress code is ‘activewear,’ you know it’s not going to be your typical beauty event.

Wearing Loveland Activewear - @lovelandactive & Adidas Ultra Boosts in Ash Pearl - @adidasau

Wearing Loveland Activewear - @lovelandactive & Adidas Ultra Boosts in Ash Pearl - @adidasau

This morning, I joined other Aussie IT Girls to celebrate the brand revolutionising beauty - IT Cosmetics. Set at The Deck Melbourne, the set up definitely wet my appetite. Upon entry, I was greeted by tables lined with goodie bags, vanity mirrors, mimosas and a spread of yoga mats on the rooftop deck.

With this beauty - Rachel De Oliveira -

With this beauty - Rachel De Oliveira -

Developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, the brand is all about creating problem-solving products for real women with real skin issues. It sounds like the perfect ‘sell,’ and it can be hard to believe that it is - but sitting through a Masterclass with the brand’s National Education Manager - Josie Houlihan substantiated the major claims.


We started the day with a Masterclass learning about the bestselling products & I fell in love with the added education on the range. In the spirit of wellbeing, we then took the party outside and under the warm sun, worked through a 45 minute yoga class with an instructor who was tough enough to push our limits, but kind enough to turn a blind eye when some of us needed to lay there like a lifeless potato to catch our breath (note: this may or may not have been me). Post workout, it was lovely to see that despite the suns concentration, facially I hadn’t broken a sweat wearing the Oil Free Matte CC+ SPF 40 Cream (shade: Tan).

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All in all, surrounded by beautiful men and women who share my love of quality makeup and skin care, the event was innovative, energetic and inspired me to incorporate more IT into my daily regimen. If you want to know where to start, I’ve recapped my top 4 IT products that you need to try below.

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Available in three different finishes (original, oil-free matte and illuminating), the CC+ Cream delivers 7 products in one and serves as a pore minimiser, dark spots & ageing concealer, colour corrector, brightener, hydrating primer, SPF physical sunscreen (SPF 40 - matte; SPF 50 - original and illuminating) and full coverage foundation.

As a beauty blender dilutes the sun protection, this is applied best with the IT Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection brush and buffed gently into the skin. For my followers with acneic skin, the matte finish is most suitable as it contains tea tree extract & niacin to combat blemishes.


This mascara is the sole reason I no longer wear false lashes. I discovered this mascara in early 2018 and have been a loyal advocate ever since. Easily the only mascara that single handedly delivers volume, length, curl and the facilitation of growth - this mascara will be the best eye-makeup investment you make. The science behind the product is the formulation is rich in peptide, biotin and lash-lifting collagen, so over time with prolonged use, you will see growth in your natural lashes. This, I can whole heartedly vouch for.


When they say full-coverage, they mean it. I tried the formula this morning (shade: Medium-Tan) and it’s hard to not acknowledge the thick consistency. Upon application, the concealer was majorly brightening. Water-proof and anti-aging, this concealer is a must for anyone with dark circles because it eliminates the need to colour correct whilst maintaining hydration (this is super important for people with dark eye circles - they are exacerbated when skin is dry and dehydrated).


Used to set my under-eye concealer, I was very pleasantly surprised by the finish of this powder as typically, when I apply setting powders under my eye, majority of them tend to settle into the concealer pigment and cause an ashy tone to my under-eye. However, this loose powder enhanced the brightness under my eye and the finely-milled formula diffused easily. Full of anti-ageing silk, collagen and anti-oxidants, this is one to invest in if you have oily/combination skin or use under-eye concealer regularly.

Laughing my way through the day with this blue eyed beauty - Abbey Stojanovic - @abbeystojmua

Laughing my way through the day with this blue eyed beauty - Abbey Stojanovic - @abbeystojmua

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With IT Cosmetics National Education Manager - Josephine Houlihan - @jhoulihan19

With IT Cosmetics National Education Manager - Josephine Houlihan - @jhoulihan19

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