Pen in hand, my thoughts flowed from me, ink as their vessel, and spilt into reality as they sunk into paper. I wrote fast. With every sentence, my breath slowed. Growing calmer, mind clearer, writing became my remedy.

I’ve been journaling since I was 19. Yes. In true “Dear Diary” fashion, fluffy pen in hand like the brown Lizzie McGuire the world never had. Following a crushing break-up, I turned to writing. I don’t know about you, but emotional heart break turned me into a blithering mess. A mess of emotions, I found myself navigating blindly through a storm that became my world. When you’re young, and you don’t know who you are yet, something like a break up can shake you to your core & leave you feeling alone in your own presence. Cue: my Big Book of Beautiful Thoughts and Feelings - 2013 edition.

That was the actual name I gave the book. I mean - I didn’t anticipate that it would be an ongoing story through to the present day (5 years now!), and I didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t be able to keep to my content code of “beautiful thoughts and feelings” (there were some angry, confused entries in there that are the literary form of an oil spill). But from that very first entry, I didn’t realise that I would awaken a deeply rooted passion for blogging, and embark on the self defining journey of a lifetime.

The Journal that started it all in ‘13.

The Journal that started it all in ‘13.

Maria Thattil. This blog is me - it’s my corner of the internet, a publication of beauty, style, life & advice. And over the course of the entries to come, I’ll be sharing all of me, with you. As per the ABOUT MARIA section, you’ll learn I’m a beauty and fashion savvy Indian-Australian digital influencer, so you best believe this site will be a bible for tips, hacks, how-to’s and reviews for all things beauty and style. But this site is where I also want to bear the inner workings of my mind and share my experiences with you, where I write about what’s going on in my life, things I’ve been through and share advice from lessons learned. I’ve been told by a stranger that I’ve felt like the “big sister” that one has never had, and that was one of the most touching compliments I’ve received. Because I used to think that we are all trying to navigate our way through this thing called life, but since shifting the lens to change my perception of “navigating through” to “enjoying the ride,” I’ve realised I so deeply love sharing it with you.

So welcome to MARIATHATTIL.COM - the digital destination where you can get your style fix, learn the business of beauty, get that lifestyle inspo, and feed your soul with writing from my heart.

Curated by me, for you.

All my love,


Maria Thattil