As another year comes to a close, and we all start to slink into quiet (or noisy) contemplation about the year that was, it feels like NYE is the catalyst we have been waiting for to make a change. And the truth is, the only catalyst for change you need is a mind of conviction. Don’t wait for the New Year, for the next birthday, for something to ignite a fire beneath your backside to force you to into movement - decide today that change is in your hands and something you will bring to life. It is incidental that I thought to create these templates at such an auspicious time of year, and call me opportunistic - but you know what they say: better late than never.

When it comes to NYE reflections, it’s easy to fall into the trap of harshly critiquing yourself for all the unchecked boxes on your “To-Do” list. But when the focus shifts solely on what we have failed to do, our perspective is skewed. We begin to view our lives and ourselves through a lens of self-deprecation & failures. When this is your mind-set, you are primed to search for your short-comings - the areas in your life you are dissatisfied with. This sets you up to do things with a diminished belief in your ability to follow through on your goals. So, I encourage you to do this - shift your focus and change your beliefs. Rather than focus on stones left unturned, why don’t you focus on what you are proud of? In the past 365 days, you would’ve faced a fear, learned something new, done something that you wouldn’t have deemed possible over 3 years ago … bring that to the forefront of your mind and prime it to look for confidence-building realities. Things that will strengthen your self-belief.

And when it comes to your 2019 goals , I challenge you to go beyond speaking about them - speaking about goals alone is like trying to magic your dreams into reality. That’s what pseudo-science teaches. I encourage you to not only set a goal, but to DISSECT it. The type and quality of the goal you set will determine how likely you are to fulfil it. Say it out loud - but then talk about what specific actions need to be taken to meet it. Talk about how, and how often you will track and measure your success. You need a certain level of difficulty, clarity, challenge, commitment and feedback to fulfil it. Cue: my templates below. I’ve created a highly simplified but easy goal tracker for you to write your goals into existence. Make yourself accountable. They also encourage you to look back on your year with the intention of feeling proud, accomplished and having a laugh at what you’ve done and achieved.

If this challenges you to look back on your year in a positive light, get honest with yourself, to reflect and search within yourself for answers - then my job is done. So take these templates into 2019, and use them to spark a thought, that will burn into a flame and consume your reluctance to change. The power is yours - I can’t wait to see what you share.

All my love,

MT x

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